Pokémon TCG Live Gets Delayed to Next Year

It seems that The Pokémon Company has decided to announce that Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is delayed for a bit now. They need more time in order to release a more polished and enjoyable experience for the fans. The game will be better for it in the end.

Pokémon TCG Live Gets Delayed to Next Year

The Pokémon Company has announced that Pokémon TCG Live has been delayed. It was expected to release for mobile and PC sooner than later. However, now it has been delayed to sometime in 2022. They say the delay is needed in order to give players a more polished experience in the end. The game was first announced back in September.


“Additionally, some of you may have recently received code cards with Pokémon TCG Live branding as part of some Pokémon TCG products. Though Pokémon TCG Live is not available at this time, please know these cards are still redeemable in Pokémon TCG Online.”

When Pokémon TCG Live does come out after its delay, players from Pokémon TGC Online can transfer their data into the new game. This is done when they log in for the first time. They can transfer over the majority of their cards, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this will work for all of them. It should be noted that unopened packs will get turned into the in-game currency (crystals).

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live 🎮 [SNEAK PEEK] 👀 | Official Trailer

The developers have also confirmed that code cards are compatible with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. However, you should be aware that some of these may unlock different items in the new game.

The Pokémon Company also previously announced that a bit before the game launches, the servers for the Pokémon TCG Online will be shut down. This will ensure a larger player base in the new game. For more information on this whole situation, you can check out their Pokémon TCG Online Sunset FAQ on the support site.

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