Pokémon TCG “Chilling Reign” Expansion Launches June 2021

The next set of Pokémon Trading Card Game arrives this summer, bringing some chill to help players cool off. Based on the Crown Tundra DLC for Sword & Shield, the big focus of Chilling Reign are the Galarian versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

Pokémon TCG While the recently released Battle Styles expansion was based on the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield, the next set will be based on the nice cold Crown Tundra. The Pokémon Company has announced that Chilling Reign will debut this June, featuring the first TCG appearance of Calyrex, the antagonist Pokémon of that particular DLC pack.

The official launch day is June 18, but the company has announced that the Sword and Shield – Chilling Reign Build and Battle Box will be released early on June 5, ensuring that yet another expansion set will be hard to find and impossible to afford. More details on what’s in that Box, as well as the other items, are available below.

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield – Chilling Reign will release worldwide beginning on June 5, 2021, for your regional pricing.

NEW Pokemon TCG Set Announced - Chilling Reign (Sword and Shield) June 2021

The full set includes eight Pokémon VMAX, 15 Pokémon V, 26 full-art Pokémon V, 28 Trainer cards, 13 full-art Supporter cards, and three new Special Energy cards. This is on top of 70 additional Battle Styles cards to help build up your Single Strike or Rapid Strike decks if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on any.

Calyrex finally comes to the card game in V and VMAX versions of the Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms, which are sure to make for some killer decks. There are also, as mentioned, the chance to find Galarian Moltres, Galarian Articuno, and Galarian Zapdos.

As always, there will surely be more information available as we creep closer to the release date.

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”dsvc1sqnss” question=”Are you planning on picking up Chilling Reign when it comes out? How are you going to avoid paying scalper prices? Let us know!” opened=”1″]Are you planning on picking up Chilling Reign when it comes out? How are you going to avoid paying scalper prices? Let us know![/wpdiscuz-feedback]


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  1. I got a online booster in tcg online for 200 pokecoins and got the Spectral Calyrex rider in the first and only booster and it motivated me to acquire at least 10 boosters wherever i can on the internet in my country


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