Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Hints at Auto Save

A new trailer has released, and an auto-save feature for Sword and Shield may have been unintentionally confirmed.
Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Hints at Auto Save

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Hints at Auto Save

The latest Pokemon: Sword and Shield trailer reveals four new features. Sharp-eyed fans, however, managed to spot a fifth hidden feature in the trailer. At the 45 second mark of the trailer, viewers spotted a “Now Saving” line when entering the store. The possibility of an auto-save feature has questions raised though.

There are no hints or details on the possible fifth feature. However, concerns have already risen from those who saw Sword and Shield’s possible auto-save feature. These concerns include whether shiny Pokemon would reset and whether different natures also reset. What’s more, is whether it would be something that activated before difficult encounters and battles. For now, fans can only speculate. 

As for the four features announced in the trailer, they are as follows:

  • Customizable Looks
  • Pokemon Camp
  • A Curry making feature
  • New Pokemon.

The new Pokemon announced are Polteageist and Cramorant. Polteageist, designed as a possessed teapot, is a pure Ghost type with the ability Weak Armor. On the other hand, Cramorant is a Water/Flying type. Prior to this video, another trailer featured Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and more.

The game will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th.


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