Pokémon Home Gives Away Hidden Ability Galar Starters

Pokémon Home is giving away ALL THREE Galar starter Pokémon to Sword & Shield players. Trainers can use the fire-grass-water trio to complete the main story, compete online, or in the upcoming Armor of Isle DLC. Each monster features, for the first time ever, their Hidden Ability.

Pokémon Home hidden Ability Starters

Pokémon and Game Freak are the best. They brought Pokémon Sword & Shield to the Nintendo Switch at the end of 2019. That would’ve been enough. They announced the first-ever Pokémon Expansion Pass back in January (the first DLC: The Isle of Armor arrives on June 17!). That would’ve been enough. And now they’re giving trainers around the world all three Galar starter Pokémon via Pokémon Home. Oh, and that’s not the only thing. All three Pokémon will posses their Hidden Ability, something that hasn’t been available in Pokémon Sword & Shield before now.

At this point, we all know Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey. The Galar starters are all great in their own right, but as is tradition, Pokémon trainers are indecisive creatures. The debate about which starter to choose and which is best for Pokémon Sword & Shield still rages on. But, now, trainers can decide for themselves firsthand.

Which Hidden Ability For Which Pokémon?

As stated, all three will have their Hidden Abilities. The trio is quite useful in battle! Scorbunny will possess a brand-new ability called Libero. While in battle, Libero changes Scorbunny’s typing to match any attack it delivers. So, if Scorbunny were to use the move Thunder, it would become an Electric-type Pokémon while attacking.

This Sobble has the Hidden Ability Sniper. Sniper increases the damage Sobble delivers when it lands a critical hit. If paired with items like the Razor Claw or the Scope Lens Sobble could prove very dangerous in battle.

Lastly, there’s Grookey. The adorable Chimp-Pokémon given out by Pokémon Home has the Hidden Ability Grassy Surge. The ability automatically sets up Grassy Terrain when Grookey enters the battle.

Check out this video from the YouTuber Poketips to see how to get your starter Pokémon today:

How To Get Hidden Ability GALAR Starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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