Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Rumors Heighten Following Unnamed GameStop Listings

Following a longstanding, ongoing rumor about potential remakes for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, a community of fans was hyped with the latest gossip. It draws from a leaked picture of GameStop's internal system, which typically precedes pronouncement of games releasing. The leak comes from a renowned tipster.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Rumors Heighten Following Unnamed GameStop Listings Cover

A leaked image from a prominent Pokémon leaker involving two unnamed listings at GameStop has got the community speculating about a potential release for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake.

Sparking interest back into the conversation, prominent leaker, Centro Pokémon LEAKS, sheds light to a potential release. In a tweet, a screenshot of GameStop’s internal system, relayed by an employee, shows two incomplete listings for the Switch. Fans of the franchise are fully aware that mainline Pokémon titles often come in pairs, thus further raising suspicion.

As the Pokémon Day celebration draws close, many are in anticipation on what the franchise has in store. While the upcoming release of Pokémon Unite and Pokémon Snap have long been known, the 25th anniversary could have something more.

Discussions about the potential for a Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake had been going on for the good part of 2020. And, it seems that the discourse has not died down despite no official word from Nintendo about it since.

The slots themselves may be open for any Switch title, considering the platform’s healthy flow of incoming games. However, it’s hard not to theorize how the move would not have any implication with the up-and-coming Pokémon anniversary event.

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