Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Might Be Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year

Pokémon Centro, a community of Pokémon leakers, found leads that a remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl might be heading over to the Switch this year. With Pokémon celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, we might be in for a lot more announcements and releases!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Might Be Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

Pokémon Centro has some great news for people waiting for 4th Generation remakes. They confirmed that remakes of Diamond and Pearl will breach the Nintendo Switch’s shores this year.

For those that don’t know, Pokémon Centro has had a great track record for reliably predicting or leaking things related to… well, Pokémon. In fact, they have successfully predicted New Pokémon Snap coming this year.

So, now that you know that these people know what they’re talking about, back to the Diamond and Pearl Remake leak. Further evidence has us looking at a subdomain for the game which was enabled but was also quickly disabled. The site returned an error code 403, which means that the content is there, it just can’t be accessed. Gameplay-wise, it seems that it won’t follow Pokémon Let’s Go’s catching mechanics and will revert back to the normal Pokémon catching mechanic. Aside from that, nothing else has been leaked.

Pokémon Centro also expects a Nintendo Direct next month announcing the remakes. This year, the Pokémon Company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’s going to be a year-long celebration with special guests such as Katy Perry and more guests that are unannounced. Of course, this year will be filled with surprises such as events, promotions, and game announcements. The first of which was New Pokémon Snap and it wouldn’t be a far-off guess that the next one would be the Diamond and Pearl remakes.

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