PlayStation’s Days of Play 2020 Announced

Days of Play - PlayStation's yearly discount promotion will return this month for some regions. It will feature discounts on some of the PS4's most critically-acclaimed games and you might even be able to cop some hardware. Deals will run to June 17th.

PlayStation's Days of Play 2020 Announced

Sony has announced today that their Days of Play deals will return starting May 25th in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with the rest of the world following on June 3rd.

The May 25th date in Europe is for participating retailers, with the PlayStation store deals commencing on June 3rd the same as the rest of the world. All Days of Play deals will end by June 17th.

Days of Play 2020 will bring huge discounts on many of PlayStation’s favourite games, services and hardware. PlayStation VR will start at £199.99 with the mega pack at £229.99. For anyone looking at investing in a PS5 later this year, the PSVR has been confirmed to be compatible

PlayStation®VR | Coming October 2016

Other discounts include Nioh 2 at £39.99, Days Gone at £15.99 and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding at £24.99. PlayStation Hits titles will also be available for £11.99, so if you have yet to play The Last of Us before the release of the sequel next month, then now’s your chance.

For anyone interested in PlayStation’s services, PlayStation Plus’s 12-month option is discounted at 30% with Sony’s streaming service PlayStation Now also discounted at the same amount.

It has been a very quiet year from Sony so far, however we are expecting some PS5 news with a reveal event expected soon


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