PlayStation Turkey Reveals two June PS Plus Titles

Murder and time travel! PlayStation Turkey might have just revealed two of June's PS Plus offerings via twitter. With the tweet quickly deleted we are left to ponder about the lineup as we await for official confirmation.

PlayStation Turkey Reveals 2 June PS Plus Titles
It appears that someone in PlayStation Turkey revealed some of Sony's PS Plus cards a little early. According to the tweet, the two PS4 titles could be Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange. However, with a show of lightning-quick reflexes, the tweet got deleted before you could even blink. We do have a link to the source thanks to twitter user Wario64, check the link below for more details.

We encourage our readers to take this with a grain of salt as Sony started differentiating the PS Plus offerings between Europe and North America as last month Alienation was given to European subscribers with Abzu being the one selected instead for North American gamers. Though the chances that at least one of these two will be included in both regions is very high. We will learn the full offerings likely within a week in any case.

Do these potential offerings seem exciting to our readers? Let us know below.

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