PlayStation Studios Is Now Officially on Steam

Sony is keeping up on its word when it previously announced its desire to enter the PC market with the entry of the PlayStation Studios on the Steam platform. While the titles under its portfolio are still few at the start, more titles are soon to come as they release on PC. Meanwhile, a former PlayStation exclusive title from the Kojima Productions could also make for an expected surprise.

PlayStation Studios Is Now Officially on Steam

PlayStation Studios is finally and officially entering the PC market as it makes a presence on Steam.

A quick look on Sony’s new Steam page and anyone could see a few titles that are under the profile’s portfolio. Namely, Helldivers, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and most notably, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. The overall contents, however, are further added with the inclusion of DLCs that associate with each title. So far, there are 24 unique digital contents, if counting the handful of downloadable add-ons.

Although still to make its own presence in the list, Days Gone, too, would be adding to it upon release on May 18, 2021. Which, remarkably, is yet another former PlayStation exclusive, similar to Horizon Zero Dawn

While there is not any sign of seeing Death Stranding eventually making a part of the roster, it is unlikely to happen. While Days Gone and HZD are under the company’s umbrella, the Kojima Productions game pledged itself to only have limited exclusivity with PlayStation.

If this move on the part of Sony implies anything, it’s that it’s sticking to its word about venturing into PC gaming. 

What do you think of this business maneuver by Sony to have PlayStation Studios move on Steam? Good or bad? If so, why? Leave a comment below.

PlayStation Studios Opening Animation

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