PlayStation Neo to Be Revealed in September

Sources have come forward to say that the PlayStation Neo, an enhanced version of the PS4 console, will be officially unveiled at a showcase on September 7th. At that time, Sony will send out development kits for the console.

PlayStation Neo to Be Revealed in September
Since confirmation of its development in June, the PlayStation Neo – an upcoming hardware revision for Sony's PlayStation 4 console – has remained something of a mystery.  This is apparently set to change, as anonymous sources have stated that Sony will be unveiling the console on September 7th, at a "technical showcase" in New York.

It has also been indicated that around the same time as the showcase, Sony will be sending out development kits for the Neo to various developers.  The company has not yet commented on the validity of this information, or its official plans for revealing the Neo console.

Built specifically for playing content in 4K resolution, the PlayStation Neo will be sold alongside the regular PlayStation 4, with all PS4 software being cross-compatible.  No official release date has been announced at this time.

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