PlayStation Lays Off Employees After PS5 Announcement

Reports shows that PlayStation has laid-off employees from the companies European offices. This news come day's after the announcement of the PS5. The growing influence of the US branch has been blamed for these redundancies.

PlayStation lays off employees after ps5 announcement

PlayStation Layoffs Due To Increased US Influence 

Days after the official PS5 announcement, PlayStation has reportedly laid off dozens of employees in their European offices, situated in the UK. 

According to a report by VGC, Sony Interactive Entertainment has laid off dozens of UK based employees. These layoffs are said to be the result of the ever-increasing power of the North American arm of the company, which has gained significant influence over the global business, during the past twelve months.

The PS5 announcement revealed several big changes to hardware & the duelshock 5

The PS5 announcement revealed several big changes to hardware & the Dualshock 5

American PlayStation executives visited the London offices on Tuesday, announcing that several departments, including PR & marketing, were being reconstructed. It was at this point that staff were informed of the layoffs & that some would have to re-interview for their jobs if they wished to stay with the company. Some senior employees have also reportedly left the company, dissatisfied with how Sony had handled the situation. The timing of the layoffs is certainly odd, but nothing suggests that it was intentional. Employees from within the US creative service team are also said to be affected by redundancies.

Lay Off’s Came On The Same Day As PS5 Announcement

Employees learned of Sony’s intentions the same day as the company officially announced the PS5, via Wired magazine. The next-gen console boasts some impressive specs, including an SSD, allowing for lightning-quick downloads & shortened loading times. Due to the timing of This news, the gave the staff little to no forewarning of their redundancies. With a new generation about to begin, Sony appears to be consolidating its global offices, centering that influence in the US. How these changes will affect the marketing of PlayStation products going forward, is yet unknown. Sony PlayStation has yet to comment on the situation. 

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