Playstation Classic Announced By Sony Pre-Loaded With Games

We can ad yet another miniaturized version of a classic console to our shelves come this Christmas season with the newly announced PlayStation Classic. This will behave similarly to other systems such as the NES and SNES classic. It will come with classic PlayStation games pre-loaded onto the console at launch.

The Newly Announced PlayStation Classic Comes With 20 PlayStation Games!
The recent trend of developing miniaturized versions of old consoles continues yet again with the inclusion of the all-new PlayStation Classic from Sony. Similar to the NES and SNES classic this small console will come loaded with 20 PS1 games alongside 2 controllers and an HDMI cord as well. The console itself is actually 45% smaller than the original PS1.

The games available on the system include the likes of Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, and Ridge Racer Type 4 amongst 15 others that have yet to be announced. The power button actually turns the console on and off and the reset button will suspend games. The open button works as well and can be used to switch between the different games available on the console. The memory card slots do not work but the system will save games on virtual memory cards internally.

Playstation Classic Announced By Sony Pre-Loaded With Games. Everything That Comes In The Box!
It comes prepackaged with 2 USB controllers, an HDMI cord and a micro USB cable for power. An additional AC adapter will be required however if your TV does not support USB input. The controller cord length will be longer than the TGS floor model shown recently. The packaging will also replicate the original box the PS1 came in.

The console will retail for 99.99$ and will be available December 3, 2018, which happens to be the release date of the original system back in 1995. Fans can pre-order the console from both Gamestop and Best Buy if they so choose. Preorder soon as the console will more likely than not sell out very quickly.

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