Players can enjoy multiple rewards on Pokémon day event

Fans today can take part in multiple different themed rewards for Pokémon Day. They include filters for snapchat alongside many others. Some of these items are available for a limited time only.

Players can enjoy multiple rewards on Pokémon day event
Fans can celebrate the 22nd. anniversary of Pokémon Red and Green being released in Japan with the Pokémon Day event. There are multiple rewards and goodies available for fans to take advantage of.

Some include such things as Snapchat filters that include Bulbasaur in your selfies alongside Squirtle and Charmander coming very soon. There is also the addition of the 1st Pokémon film being available to watch on the Pokémon TV app for IOS/Android and on the Pokémon TV website as well for 1 week.

Fans can also download the Pikachu Talk app for their Alexa or Google Home devices. This will allow the devices to answer every question the owner asks with different variations of Pikachu's namesake call.

Pokémon GO players will be able to catch special Pikachu's in-game that will come equipped with birthday hats and will know the move known as present. This special version of the Pokémon will be available around 1 PM. PST on Feb 28.

Multiple new and different figures and collectibles will be available for fans at participating Pokémon Centers around the world. These include new figures with the creatures in mid-special move among many others.

There is also deals on Pokémon card sets at participating Gamestop locations. Think Geek will also have deals on some of their Pokémon themed merchandise as well.

Multiple Ways to Celebrate Pokémon Day on February 27!

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