Play as nanobot inside human body in Project Remedium

It has been a long time since we stumbled upon some weird and interesting idea at the same time. Well, Project Remedium is just that, a crazy game in which you play as nanobot inside the human body!

Play as nanobot inside human body in Project Remedium
Occasionally game developers come up with some crazy ideas to make their game unique and outstanding. Project Remedium feels weird and fun at the same time. It is a story driven shooter where you fight illness with nanobots. The game is said to a combat-packed action with a lot of story twists.

The developer Atomic Jelly and publisher PlayWay has started the Kickstarter campaign for the game. The campaign has a lot of interesting stretch goals. However, the one that caught our eye is where they promise to develop an arena mode for the game. The idea for the mode is that a number of nanobots will be fighting each other in certain parts of the body. This is just hilarious!  

The trailer for Project Remedium:

Project Remedium - Trailer

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