Platformer/Slasher Game DeathStick Announced for 2022

TeamNora and Hype Train Digital are joining up forces to bring DeathStick, a Metroidvania/Slasher platform game with a charming pixel-art style. Travel through two different dimensions in the same world in order to move forward. The game is coming for Steam and Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2022.

Platformer/Slasher Game DeathStick Announced for 2022

Developer TeamNora and publisher HypeTrain Digital are partnering up to bring Metroidvania/slasher platformer DeathStick to Steam and Nintendo Switch in Quarter 3 2022.

In DeathStick, you’ll follow the protagonist Mako in her journey to save her world from destruction. When the dormant gods awaken, Mako finds out that her world of Aarkalia consists of two dimensions and now she can travel through them. She is also the only one that can stop the dark ritual from taking place. 

The world-switching mechanic plays an important role in the game, in which players will be able to turn special areas a complete 180 degrees, transferring to the other dimension and unlock new locations. 

Players will also be able to exploit the combat mechanics, by linking combos together, even tossing your enemies to the air and picking up the combo mid-air.

Using the dimension-switch to explore the world, your fighting skills to slash through your enemies you’ll be able to evolve and change your playstyle by obtaining a wide range of unique abilities and special attacks. Move forward to solve the mystery surrounding this charming pixel-art world.


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