Planet Nomads – next patch will take you by surprise

The biggest patch since March, 0.7 patch, is slated for release tomorrow, August 17th. Faster terrain generation without holes, new starting biome, crash-sites, and more await you in this upcoming patch.

 Planet Nomads - next patch will take you by surprise
The developers have outlined most of the upcoming content and changes in their recent blog post. We will just list a few of them.


The animals are going to adapt to the inhabited environment – they will look different depending on the climate. So you can expect them tougher in the north.


There's another completely new aspect coming to Planet Nomads and that's plants that will have a negative impact on your health. Little is known about what exactly these newly growing plants entail and what level of threat they pose. Some are active at night, while others sleep at night and can be safely looted. It will be up to you to explore these new dangers and live to tell about the encounters.

 Planet Nomads - next patch will take you by surprise. Environmental Hazards


The world is diverse and a herd family should include females, males, alpha males and their offspring. In nature, not every animal gets to be the alpha male, so every specimen will have its own behavorial set.

Check the developer's blog post mentioned above to know more details about the upcoming patch.

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