Planet Nomads is coming to KickStarter

New attractive sci-fi survival sandbox will try its luck at KickStarter. But the game has already quite a lot of fans all over the world so it shouldn't be that hard to be successful. We will see.

Craneballs team

Above you can see the team behind the game. These days and fur sure also next weeks will be very busy for all the guys. Because next Thursday is the big day and launch of KickStarter campaign. That's why the whole team is making some nice pictures of the team which will be presented in the campaign description.

Image title

You should check the game profile to know more about the game or just check the video trailer posted below.

And we can promise you one BIG thing. Maybe you don't know it but we are located very close to Craneballs studio and that's why we will prepare interesting interviews with all the developers, make some other nice pictures in their studio and simply follow closely the game's development from the first hand!

If you don't want to miss it, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to YouTube channel and of course you can register and follow Planet Nomads as well here, directly on our website.

Lovely forest

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