Planet Nomad pre-alpha game footage

New pre-alpha gameplay footage of Planet Nomads is out. Developers Craneballs Studios answers a lot of questions about their upcoming game in regards to entering the sandbox survival genre.

Planet Nomads Physics (Pre-Alpha Gameplay)

The upcoming sandbox survival crafting game, Planet Nomads, has released some pre-alpha gameplay footage. While relatively new and entering a genre with some big names like Minecraft and Space Engineers, here’s what Craneballs Studios had to say about their game:

“…it’s only natural people are comparing it to other games of the sandbox genre. In all honesty the two great crafting games out there (Minecraft & Space Engineers) were a big inspiration for us, joined by the upcoming No Man’s Sky. They all have some incredible features we love. We thought combining the three together would make for one hell of a sandbox game, which is something we still believe in.”

When asked what makes Planet Nomads different, Craneballs studios responded:

“PN gives you total creative freedom to build anything you want, to organize and live your nomadic life the way you want, in a world that changes around you as you explore each planet’s climate zones with their unique biomes”.

The initial game footage looks great and with Planet Nomads drawing their inspiration from such successful games, we can be excited to see what Craneballs Studios brings to the table for the genre. Follow them on Twitter and check out the website. Have questions? Check out the FAQ page.

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