Planet Explorers releases next week, 0.9 version out today

Pathea Games has released Planet Explorers Beta 0.9 on Steam. The full official release is scheduled for November 7.

CHONGQING, CHINA – 31st October 2016 – Pathea Games has released Planet Explorers Beta 0.9 on Steam. In this version, except bug fixing, more contents were added in. New contents include but not limited to adventure storyline in multiplayer mode, armor buffs, and Kickstarter supporter names in-game. The release date of the full official version will be on November 7th 2016.

The Beta trailer for Planet Explorers:

Planet Explorers Beta Trailer

Planet Explorers has been released on Steam Early Access since 2014 and has already sold more than 270,000 copies so far. The game retails on Early Access for $24.99. The final version of the game will also retail for $24.99.

Key features 

  •          Unique voxel based open world adventure RPG with tons of features in both single player and multiplayer modes.
  •          Able to create new objects, weapons, buildings and vehicles – everything you build will affect your gameplay and progress in the game.
  •          Unlimited freedom. The World Editor in Planet Explorers can create customized world maps and missions.
  •          Diplomacy or warfare – it’s entirely your choice! Planet Explorers provides different camp choice to players. Either choose to fight against the local aliens or live in peace.
  •          Epic amount of content. Up to 30-hour storyline; over 40 unique mainline NPCs; over 20 types of minerals; over 100 types of monsters; over 200 unique items.

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