Piplup Receives Official Twitter and Instagram Accounts

The Pokémon Company has revealed dedicated social media accounts to Piplup, the Sinnoh-native penguin Pokémon. With its own Twitter and Instagram accounts, "Project Piplup" is said to be a limited-time campaign celebrating the 4th-gen, water-type starter Pokémon.

Similar to 2018’s “Project Eevee“, this celebration of the bundle of joy that is Piplup (or “Pochama” in Japan), is sure to give way to an abundance of adorable events and prizes. It’s a surprise we didn’t know we needed, but now we do, we absolutely cannot do without it. The water-type starter Pokémon in the franchises’ 4th generation of games, this is without a doubt some wonderfully-coordinated marketing with the recent announcement of the Diamond & Pearl remakes and prequel, Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Out of the three starter Pokémon from the 4th-gen Sinnoh games; Piplup, the fire-type Chimchar, and the grass-type Turtwig; a project around the embodiment of cuteness, the chibi blue penguin, was the right move. Just look at these plushies on Piplup’s Instagram. Take a second to acknowledge how each one alone warms your heart. This charming little critter is without a doubt franchise mascot material.


“Yes, hello. I’d like twelve each of these, please and thank you”.

So, what do the rest of you Pokémon fans think? Are you Team Piplup? Perhaps you’re more of a Chimchar fan. Maybe the 4th generation of starter Pokémon aren’t anywhere near your favourites altogether? Or possibly, a dedicated celebration towards a delightful blue penguin is what you’ve been waiting for all your life? Share your thoughts (and obvious joy) in the comments.  

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