Pikmin 4 Gameplay Reveal

Nintendo showcased Pikmin 4's gameplay during their Direct. It shows off the game's new landscape and world design, a couple new mechanics, the new Ice Pikmin, a new dog-like companion and its mechanics, and the release date of 7.21.23.

Pikmin 4 Gameplay Reveal

Nintendo’s recent Nintendo Direct contained a major Pikmin 4 gameplay reveal, which ends the drought of updates since the game’s announcement in September of last year. The game is naturally very similar to its prequels, containing all previous Pikmin types. It also seems to have a few more quality of life additions, such as a Pikmin count over the player’s head. Pikmin 4 takes place in a much more urban environment. Large manmade structures like a playground, a house, and a perimeter wall are clearly visible in the trailer.

In regards to new gameplay mechanics, the player character now has the ability to climb certain walls, allowing for further exploration. The new Ice Pikmin also makes its first appearance in this trailer. These Ice Pikmin seem to freeze enemies after some time, which allows for easy damage. The dog-like creature called Oatchi, new to Pikmin 4, is also showcased in the trailer. Oatchi can pick up objects, break through fragile walls, swim through wall, and more. Finally, underground sections return to the game, though unlike Pikmin 2, they do not seem to have a timer.

Pikmin 4 - Nintendo Direct 2.8.23

Finally, the Direct revealed the release date for the game, which is the 21st of July of this year.

Source: Nintendo Direct 2.8.2023


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