Phil Spencer Remembers a friend while playing Crackdown 3

A recent tweet from Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has resonated with the gaming community as a whole. A call out to Crackdown 3 from the Xbox Head is a big deal and it was made for all the right reasons. Phil Spencer really showed his compassion towards his friends through this message.

Phil Spencer Remembers a friend while playing Crackdown 3
Video games give us experiences unlike anything else in this world. From being a space pirate to a super soldier, the games we play give us unique and diverse emotions which live on in us, for years to come. I remember playing Halo 3 multiplayer like it was yesterday, the theme song alone gives me chills. What that particular game gave me will live on forever, the friends and the adventures will never leave my memory. Every gamer has had that moment in gaming where they knew that they would call themselves a gamer with pride, and without prejudice.

So when Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, tweeted about Crackdown 3, the gaming community really connected with the statements he was making. Mike Forgey, a producer who worked with Microsoft for years passed away in 2016 after a vigorous struggle with brain cancer; is memorialized in Crackdown 3 beautifully by the devs of the game. Here is the tweet from Phil himself.

"Playing a lot of Crackdown 3 and having a lot of fun.  An emotional moment for me was when I got to pick my agent and saw our passed teammate Mike Forgey memorialized in the game, such a touching moment that he wanted to see happen.  Needless to say Mike is my agent of choice."

                                                                                – Phil Spencer @XboxP3

Most of the responses are full of love and admiration for Phil, praising his level of emotional intelligence and caring for his co-workers. This just goes to show you the heart of the gaming community, we aren't all insulting each other over online games all the time.

Crackdown 3 is available for Xbox One and PC

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