Phasmophobia Exposition Update: New Ghosts, Equipment, and Models!

The Phasmophobia Exposition update has been released. With it comes brand new ghosts, new equipment, new models, new mechanics, tweaks to existing mechanics, and much more! As the 3.0 update, it brings a lot more to the table.

Phasmophobia Exposition Update: New Ghosts, Equipment, and Models!

Co-op ghost hunting game, Phasmophobia, recently dropped its biggest update yet. The Phasmophobia Exposition update has added and changed many new things, including new ghosts, new equipment, new models, sprinting, ghost hunting behaviour, and more!



The biggest addition to be excited about in the update is the two new ghosts. There is the Myling, a ghost from Scandinavian folklore that is created from an unwanted child that is killed by its parents. They wander the land, wishing to be buried properly. They sing at night, which is the ability carried into the game. In-game, Mylings are more vocal than other ghosts, but are silent while hunting. Ghosts now make more sounds while hunting, rather than the simple footsteps and gurgling from before. This can make it quite easy to tell if a ghost is a Myling during the hunting phase.

The other ghost added is the Goryo, or ‘honourable ghost’, a ghost from Japanese folklore that is created from a wrongly murdered powerful noble. In-game, Goryos can only be seen on camera, usually when no one is around. Their weakness is that they do not wander far from their place of death. This includes hunting, which makes running and hiding easier against them. Planting video cameras in the room they’re in can give strong evidence to the presence of a Goryo.

The new D.O.T.S projector sure does look funky

The new D.O.T.S projector sure does look funky


Really there is only one new piece of equipment in the update, this being the D.O.T.S projector. It projects a matrix of green lights in the shape of dots. Depending on the type of ghost, the projector can create the silhouette of the ghost as it moves through the lights. The major thing about this new piece of equipment is that it is now used as an important piece of evidence when determining the ghost type, similar to ghost orbs, or EMF level. 

It can take some time to figure out, however. The silhouette moves extremely quickly and appears very briefly. While it does feel in place to make it seem like your eyes are playing tricks on you in a haunted setting, it can be difficult to see for certain. This can make it tricky to narrow down which ghost is present if it is one that requires the D.O.T.S projector as evidence.


The update adds a few small changes here and there within the game; some mechanically, some visually. The most immediate one players will notice are the new and improved models for each piece of equipment in the game. Everything looks more realistic, with candles now being held in candlesticks, and snuff sticks actually looking like a bundle of sticks. The next most apparent thing is the change in the sprint mechanic. Players could sprint before, but it was more just a slight movement increase that could go on indefinitely. Now sprinting is a short fast burst of speed that will have your character wheezing for a few moments before being able to do it again.

All the equipment now looks remarkably prettier

All the equipment now looks remarkably prettier

Some other visual changes include night vision on cameras having a grainy white effect. Ghosts now visually and audibly write in ghost books, as well. Triggering a ghost book will show the pen being physically lifted and frantically scratching away at the book. It took me by surprise when I first saw it in-game.

As mentioned earlier, the hunt phase has been tweaked slightly. The updated equipment models now means that electrical equipment will glitch out when a hunt starts. They may also give away your location to the ghost if you do not turn them off before hiding. Electronics will now also only glitch when in close proximity to the ghost, including the blinking flashlights. To compensate for the increased player speed with the reworked sprint, ghosts now speed up as they chase you. Ghosts now also have more variety in the sounds they make overall, particularly during hunts.


Those are the biggest details of the Phasmophobia Exposition update. There are plenty of other great small details and bugfixes that can be found in the official changelog. This is a great opportunity to gather up some friends and go ghost hunting again if Phasmophobia got a little stale for you before.

Phasmophobia - Official Announcement Trailer

What do you think of the new update? Do you have any particularly memorable moments from the game? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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