Phantom Halls Gets New Update

Incendium Games will be releasing a huge free update to their 'Early Access' fan favourite Evil Dead x Phantom Halls. Alongside the update, the developers will be showcasing a new trailer, as well as a massive 50% discount on the PC gaming platform Steam!

Phantom Halls has a huge new update
The update, which carries an official Evil Dead 2 license, features Ash Williams from the famous franchise as a playable character. Furthermore, the brand new update adds: a range of Evil Dead 2 themed quests when you select Ash as your character; new enemy types and trap encounters; deadlines, evil tree spirits, an angry necronomion and more.

In addition, the update adds environments from Evil Dead 2 as well as locations including the infamous Evil Dead cabin – faithfully recreated in Phantom Halls trademark paper craft style. New gameplay mechanics will be added also including: mini-boss battles with the Evil Ash showdown! Phantom Halls will also be playable at EGX in Birmingham, England from Wednesday this week.

The game is currently purchasable from Steam at an unmissable 50% discount!

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