Peridot, Niantic’s AR Pet Raising Game, Is Set for a Global Launch in May

Pokémon GO’s Niantic has officially announced the release date for its new augmented reality virtual pet raising game, Peridot. The game will be released globally on May 9 for Android and iOS devices. Preregistration is live with the promise of an exclusive in-game cosmetic item as a reward.

Peridot, Niantic’s AR Pet Raising Game,  Is Set for a Global Launch in May

Peridot is a brand new mobile augmented reality game by Niantic. The game revolves around the breeding and care-taking of creatures known as ‘Peridots’, or ‘Dots’ for short. Dots, who have been asleep for thousands of years, are waking up to a world immensely different from the one they used to know. Players will need to protect and save them from extinction by collecting and nurturing them. Each Dot is unique and comes with their own personality. Players must satisfy their needs by feeding them, petting them, and taking them on adventures.

Peridot is a “real world adventure pet game.” The immersive features will encourage exploration, exercise, and real-world social interaction.

Once their Dots have reached adulthood, players will be able to crossbreed their pets with one another. Dots can be born from a wide variety of genes as well as inherit certain traits from their parents. As the goal is to prevent extinction, there is incentive to diversify the species as much as possible in the form of rare and new archetypes.

Peridot | Coming May 9 | Niantic

Peridot will be released globally on May 9, 2023. Preregistration has begun, and those who sign up will receive an exclusive in-game cosmetic item to celebrate the launch.

Source: Peridot Official Website

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