PAX Makes The Announcement Of PAX Online Event

After the major announcement of E3's cancellation, gamers have seen several events try to fill in the E3 sized hole left behind. PAX, however, has made the announcement that instead of cancelling its upcoming events it will host an online gaming showcase.

PAX Online Announcement

The Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, has made an official announcement for PAX Online, the first-ever all digital PAX event. The online expo will be taking place September 12-20 in place of PAX West and PAX Aus.

The new PAX Online website gives all of the available information currently available for the event.  The biggest major change coming to the biggest gaming convention in the US is the change to a free attendance model. Anybody and everybody with an internet connection is able to attend PAX Online. This is a stark comparison to the badges which are normally multiple hundreds of dollars for the full event. will be One thing still unclear but being worked on is the implementation of gaming booths, one of the biggest draws to gaming conventions. As of now there will be playable demos for all attendees.

PAX  will be offering merch as usual through their online store. Despite their in-person cancellation, PAX West and PAX Aus will still have merch and other goodies available for sale. Additionally, the online event will attempt to make interaction with other PAX-goers as easy as possible. While more details are still to come, the event will host chat rooms, LFG pages, and tournament systems for the entire week.

Gamers so far have had a rather confusing summer of events due to the cancellation of E3 several months ago. Since then, numerous entities including IGN and Geoff Keighley have attempted to fill the gap with their own gaming showcases. With the announcement of PAX Online it seems the autumn season won’t fall victim to the same form of countless separate events.

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