Patrick Gelsinger Takes Helm as Intel’s Next CEO

As of February 15, 2021, Patrick Gelsinger has officially replaced Bob Swan as Intel's CEO. Gelsinger has over 40 years of experience in the tech industry - including 30 years at Intel as a key engineer and leader. He was CEO of VMWare before returning this year.

Patrick Gelsinger Takes Helm as Intel's Next CEO Cover

A month after Intel announced its next leader, Patrick Gelsinger is now Intel’s newest and eighth CEO. In response, he displayed high enthusiasm about his return to the company – willing to drive it to greater heights.

In his note to Intel, he states:

To come back “home” to Intel in the role of CEO during what is such a critical time for innovation, as we see the digitization of everything accelerating, will be the greatest honor of my career.

Ever since AMD’s Ryzen lineup in 2017, Intel’s PC processors have lagged in advancements. Intel’s decline stems from manufacturing failures in the mid-to-late 2010s, causing delays in three generations of chips. This situation has not improved under Bob Swan’s leadership, who had relatively little computer engineering experience. Meanwhile, other companies have undermined Intel in the processor market. The aforementioned Ryzens impressed with their multi-core capabilities and competitive pricing. Ever since AMD’s Ryzen lineup in 2017, Intel’s PC processors have lagged behind in advancements.

Now that Gelsinger returned as its highest authority, Intel can potentially catch up through his extensive leadership experience. He will need to act fast to improve the company, however. As it stands, Intel’s 7nm Alder Lake CPUs remain delayed to 2023.

Leading Intel with CEO Pat Gelsinger

Gelsinger has been a central figure throughout the company’s history. Among his achievements are designing the 386 microprocessor in 1985, becoming general manager of Intel’s Desktop Products Group in 1996, and being Intel’s first chief technology officer in 2001. He left in 2009 to work for EMC Corporation (currently Dell EMC), then became CEO of VMWare in 2012. In 2019, he was ranked as the best CEO in America by an annual Glassdoor survey.

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