Party Hard 2 – new Xmas Alpha build is out

Season's greetings with Party Hard 2! The developers have been hard at work redesigning the core systems to make the game feel more organic, and a first pass on this is visible in the Xmas Alpha. Anyone can get it for free at!
Party Hard 2 - new Xmas Alpha build is out

You can checkout two builds of Party Hard: Alpha 1 and Xmas Alpha. These give you a basic idea of what to expect of the game's mechanics and visuals. Xmas Alpha features:

  • Two distinct locations
  • Item pick-ups & new inventory system
  • Teleports system like in Party Hard 1
  • Destructible environments and dark humor you'd expect from Party Hard

Xmas Alpha Launch trailer for Party Hard 2:


The thrilling sequel to 2015's stealth strategy hit features a brand new character who gets caught up in a no-christmas-bonus situation. The only logical thing to do is to go on a killing spree at the corporate party.
A brand new 3D graphics engine allows for many more gameplay mechanics previously impossible in the game.


Introducing Party Vision

Easily detect important objects, items, and targets in the world. Useful for quickly hiding bodies. 

  • Highlight surroundings
  • Detect useful objects

Introducing Insta-Kill

A powerful ability that allows you to instantly take out multiple targets.

  • Insta-kill within a radius
  • Has a cooldown

Party Hard 2 - new Xmas Alpha build is out

Party Hard 2 - new Xmas Alpha build is out

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