Part of big update for Fiesta Online rolls out this December

Fiesta Online: Part 1 of the New Level Cap Increase Coming in December 2016!

Part of big update for Fiesta Online rolls out this December
Hamburg, December 5, 2016  gamigo's successful anime MMORPG, Fiesta Online, is getting the first of two massive updates this December, including a level cap increase to level 135! In advance of the update's release, players can feast their eyes on exclusive screenshots and an all-new teaser trailer.

The Lost Kingdom Teaser for Fiesta Online:

Called forth from the depths of the shadow world by the God of Greed, the fearsome leader of Pagel's dark army has returned. Khazul, a shamanic deity powerful enough to plunge the world into eternal chaos, has turned his wrathful gaze upon an unsuspecting Isya! In order to foil this villain's diabolical plans, the heroes of Fiesta Online must set out in search of two legendary essences, without which there is no hope of avoiding the darkness and destruction that awaits their world.

In addition to the level cap increase, loads of new content is coming to the fantastical world of Fiesta Online. Players will be able to test their mettle and conquer two brand-new instances. The game world is also being significantly expanded through the addition of several new locations, with the newly created island of Eya standing in the spotlight. Moreover, a variety of new enemies, tons of never-before-seen items and exclusive quests promise to offer countless hours of excitement and breathtaking adventure!

This brand-new and much-anticipated content update represents the single largest expansion following the acquisition of all international licenses for Fiesta Online. Part two of the level cap increase is planned for 2017.

Florian Isopp, Director Fiesta Online: "After long and meticulous effort, we're proud to announce part one of the latest Fiesta Online content update. With a level cap increase and plenty of new content to enjoy, this release marks an important milestone for the game's future."

Further information on all updates and news can be found on the official Fiesta Online forum.

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