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Paragon is now available in Free Open Beta

Paragon is available in Free Open Beta for PC and PlayStation 4 today and the latest character, the Fey, join the Paragon Hero roster.

Paragon’s Open Beta starting today and this release marks a major milestone in Paragon’s development. Check out the trailer heralding Open Beta’s arrival!

"To all of the new players, both on PC and PS4, who are joining us today – welcome! We’re so glad to have you. As you experience the first MOBA that truly uses 3D space, it is our sincere hope that you’ll find Paragon as fun to play as it has been to work on for all of us here at Epic Games. We’re anxious to hear all of your feedback as we continue to work to improve the experience for everyone," Cameron Winston and Steve Superville.

"We will continue to improve, release new Heroes #Every3Weeks, keep balancing as well as adding awesome new things like card crafting and banners."

The Fey – the latest Paragon´s Hero

 The Fey, is now available

A new video released also today shows off her abilities, like Fly Trap, an Ultimate that summons a gargantuan plant that drags in enemy Heroes and applies serious damage.

Some open beta screens:

Paragon - OpenBeta screenshot 2
Paragon - OpenBeta screenshot 3
Paragon - OpenBeta screenshot 4
Paragon - OpenBeta screenshot 5

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