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Paragon – A New Look for MOBA

Epic Games has just released news for players to gain access, early access, to their new MOBA Paragon! Read below for more information!

A snapshot of Agoa, Paragon's map.

Paragon is the brand new Epic Games MOBA, being released for PC and PS4, and right now, you can sign up for early access!  It is a third-person action MOBA that plans on bringing new, strategic playstyles and cooperation to the players, with beautiful graphics and flawless gameplay.  It has all the nostalgia for veteran MOBA players, with standard 5v5 gameplay and three lanes to choose from.  However, thanks to its third-person capability, there is now vertical gameplay, where the players can ambush from above or sneak from below, giving player a wide variety of movement options as they play.

Combat between two of Paragon's heroes.

Currently, the game will have paid early access in the spring of 2016, but will release an open beta during the upcoming summer.  As said before, players can sign up now for their chance to gain early access and test out heroes, weapons, and terrain in an all new MOBA!

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