Paradox Raises Prices – Gamers Lower Review Scores

With the Summer Steam Sale coming, one game publisher has decided to raise the base price on some of their games. Negative Steam reviews are pouring in as players protest both the price hike and Paradox's DLC practices.

Paradox Raises Prices - Gamers Lower Review Scores
Summer is coming, which means the Steam Summer Sale will be soon approaching. Already the event's cards have been data-mined, so we're not far off. Weeks before the sale begins, one publisher, Paradox Interactive, has taken to raising the base price on several of their most popular games, regions outside the US, EU, and UK. Some areas received as much as a 100% increase in price. In response, Steam users are bombing the titles with negative reviews, protesting Paradox's price hike, as well as their DLC practices.

On Reddit, on user posted a screenshot of a negative review being flagged for being abusive. Later in the thread, one of the developers spoke up and said that the flag was removed, as it's their policy to typically leave reviews alone, and would look into how the review got flagged in the first place. That review is just one of many that are affecting the review score of Europa Universalis IV and Pillars of Eternity.

Both games have an Overall Score of "Very Positive." The Most Recent tally, however, are "Mostly Negative" for both. Steam threads were started, looking for answers for the massive outpouring of negative reviews. The reactions have been mixed. Some users are on the side of Paradox, saying the opposition is just cheap and want everything to be free. Other users say those supporting Paradox are being duped and are nothing more than fanboys.

Users are also pushing back against the DLC pricing for Europa Universalis IV, as it costs over $280, before the discount, to get everything. Comments show that the content in many of these packs is relatively sparse given the price of the DLC. There are also complaints that considering the game's age, the discounts should be higher.

What are your thoughts? Are the price increases reasonable? Are the prices of the DLC, and the DLCs' content, reasonable? 

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    What retards. Was going to spend money on Paradox, now Bioware will get my money.. amazing. trying to rip people off for a few dollars now you will get ZERO!


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