Paradise Lost: The Next-Gen Game About an Alternate History of WWII

Check out one of the newest announcements in exclusive games for next-gen consoles: Paradise Lost. A nuclear blast in Poland has changed history. The 2nd World War never ended, and now you're playing in a post-war apocalyptic wasteland, trying to survive and shape the future.

Paradise Lost is the Next Gen Game about an Alternate History of World War II

Nothing says “next-gen hit” like a brilliantly brutal WWII tale. Developed by PolyAmorous and published by All In! Games, Paradise Lost is one of the new next-gen games that happens to be an emotionally-driven mystery. Before the second World War was supposed to end, this game’s alternate history preceded with Nazi forces unleashing nuclear weapons, bringing devastation to the world and the war seeming to have never ended. As far as you know, you and your mother, who managed to avoid death in the initial devastation when you were a baby, were seemingly the only survivors. 

Years later, your protagonist’s 12 year-old self is grief-stricken and faces no choice but to travel across this war-torn wasteland, finding other survivors and uncovering various mysteries along the way. According to Paradise Lost’s game page on the PolyAmorous website, the story is deeply rooted as “a journey through five stages of grief, reflected in dialogues, interactions and environment”. It’s elevated further with the site’s mention of story branching, saying that “your choices will gradually affect the game’s characters, but also its visual style, environment and sound effects”.

Paradise Lost utilises simple controls with meaningful interactions, making it a low barrier for entry for a variety of different players. So if you’re a fan of World War stories and have been looking for a new gaming experience that’s beyond complex shooters, this might just be the title to look out for.

Paradise Lost | Official Cinematic Teaser | 2020 | (PC)

Paradise Lost will be released during Q3 2020 on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X and PC.


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