Pac-Man Champion Edition 2 Plus Coming to Switch in February

Pac-man is back with one of his most insane and customizable adventures. This time, the highly regarded Champion Edition 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. If you were craving more retro games or arcade action on your Switch, here is another awesome dose.

Pac-Man Champion Edition 2 Plus Coming to Switch in February
Bandai Namco has been quite busy lately with a lot of cool announcements for DragonBallFighter Z and Shinobi Striker among other games that won't make it to the Switch. Nintendo's new console seemed a bit left out until they announced that Pac-Man Champion Edition 2 will be coming in February 2018. As if the Pac-Man Champion Edition games didn't have enough to play around with, more content and features will be added to the Switch version.

The title hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC last September, and it looked insane: the game had flashy explosions, and Pac-Man was eating fruit and dodging ghosts at sonic speed. The Switch version will feature an all-new multiplayer mode where both players can play on the same map together. They will have to figure out how to overcome chains of ghosts and conquer frantic stages while chasing higher scores together.

The game will be released digitally for the Nintendo Switch on February 22nd, 2018. Let's hope more of Bandi Namco's games make it to the Switch.  

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