Oxygen Not Included Gets Big Merge Update

Klei Entertainment has unleashed the Oxygen Not Included Big Merge Update. It merges the code bases for the Spaced Out! DLC and the base game, and more. Also included is a big update for the modding community, with the game now upgraded to using the Harmony 2.0 API.

Oxygen Not Included Gets Big Merge Update

Klei Entertainment’s space colony simulation game, Oxygen Not Included, has released a Big Merge update. The Big Merge update merges the code bases of the base game, Spaced Out! DLC, and more. Players can also now toggle the DLC on/off from the main menu with a quick restart of the game.

The merge also means improvements and bug fixes in the DLC are now available in the base game. However, this is currently only true for those who own the DLC. Those who don’t will get them soon in the next updates. Their change log post says this is to ensure the changes get proper testing first.

Some select Spaced Out! features are also now in the base game:

  • New traits, including skill-granting traits
  • Some shuffling of the tech tree, notably moving most of the Conveyor Rails techs one tier earlier
  • Updated food storage/refrigeration mechanics will be the same in both versions of the game
  • Meter Valves are now in the base game
  • Oxygen Masks are now in the base game
  • Suit durability mechanics will be available in the base game (but toggled off in the game settings by default)
  • “Stinging eyes” and related debuffs which give all players more reason to be cautious with chlorine
  • The Diagnostics panel, updated Resource screen, and other UI improvements will be consistent for all versions of the game
  • Demolition skill will be available for everyone!
Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! DLC - Early Access Gameplay Trailer

The developers also updated the game to use the next major version of the Unity engine. This change doesn’t affect the gameplay experience in any appreciable way. However, it does help the developers continue to work on the game and drive its evolution.

A Big Modding Update

The Oxygen Not Included Big Merge update also brings a major addition to the modding community. The developers have updated to the Harmony 2.0 API. This has been a common request from modders, allowing them to use the latest features of the API in their mods.

The temporary downside to this is that it will break many mods. However, Klei Entertainment graciously included a Harmony 2.0 Update guide in their post to help modders tweak their code. It walks them through getting their mod up and running on the new API version.

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