Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced

Earlier today Blizzard announced Season 4 will be coming to an end soon, however the wait for Season 5 won't be for long.

Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced
Overwatch seasons usually run for around 90 days, so we all knew the close of Season 4 was near. Game director Jeff Kaplan has provided a new update on the situation. Previously, Jeff Kaplan announced that Season 5 would start around June 1st. And with the recent end date of May 28th announced, it's safe to say Jeff was right on his estimate. the off season is reported to be shorter than before, however we don't have a confirmed start for season 5 yet.

For those who aren't aware that means less than two weeks until the season reset. Meaning new Placement matches and more. This also means Competitive play will be more difficult in the following weeks as players try to increase their Skill Rank. This will also be the opportune time for players to form pre-made teams, making duo queuing harder than before. 

And for those who are Grand-master wanting to hit the top 500, you better do it now. As we've stated previously Blizzard changed the requirements on how to get rewards. The special animated spray that you get for hitting top 500 are only rewarded to those that are in that rank at the end of the season. This was Blizzards way of making gamers return in the later stages of the season instead of waiting for the next. But many seem to think an animated sticker isn't worth keeping a spot on top 500. Maybe Blizzard will change the reward into something a bit more unique in the future. 

How has your Season 4 been? What are you looking forward to in Season 5?

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