Overcooked receiving free festive expansion next week

Just weeks ago Overcooked received Lost Morsel DLC, but the devs have worked hard to bring players of the game a free, Christmas-themed update.

Overcooked receiving free festive expansion next week
Only weeks after receiving the Lost Morsel DLC, Overcooked is looking to receive another update. The game will have a free Christmas-themed expansion launch next week.

Overcooked's Festive Seasoning DLC adds a range of new items for co-op partners to use and play around with. This ranges from a new winter themed map, which includes a snowmobile for use. Primarily it should be used to get from A to B, but I'm guessing it'll be used to run over your co-op buddies.

Not only this but there're two new chefs to unlock. The snowman and reindeer can both be unlocked and can also wear Santa themed hats. Along with this will be the addition of two recipes, the turkey dinner and the stew.

The new theme added to the game showcases eight new co-op levels and on top of this a new utensil. The flamethrower. The trailer for the newest expansion pack can be found below.

Overcooked Festive Seasoning Launch Trailer

Overcooked's Festive Seasoning DLC will be available as a free download on December 6th. 

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