Overcooked is Now Free on the Epic Games Store

Save the Onion Kingdom in the latest free game being offered on the Epic Games Store, Overcooked! Overcooked is a four-player co-op strategy game that has you and up to three other friends cooking up orders as fast as you can for tips. And you thought Monopoly could ruin friendships.

Overcooked! is Now Free on the Epic Games StoreThis is not a drill, Overcooked is now free on the Epic Games Store! Are you ready to save the Onion Kingdom with your cooking prowess? Well, you should also be ready for the absolute mayhem that is Overcooked when the orders really start piling on you and your crew of chefs! The Epic Games Store has been really packing the heat since they started offering other free titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization VI. The variety of games that Epic has been offering, with Overcooked as their latest freebie is astounding. 

Overcooked, at its heart, is an arcade strategy title that sees you and up to four friends cook your way through the Onion Kingdom for King Onion. It sounds ridiculous and campy because it is! But that is apart of the charm of Overcooked, the silly humor and the great times. Don’t take this wacky cooking sim too lightly, however, because it does become extremely difficult during the later stages. Expect kitchens to be dynamic and changing while you are just trying to make that darn pizza! Make sure to grab Overcooked before June 11th so it is yours to keep, forever.

Overcooked Launch Trailer

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