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Outriders Demo to Be Released Next Week

Outriders, the new third-person role-playing game by Square Enix, will be getting a cross-platform demo in just a few days, according to a thread on the game's official Twitter page. The Outriders demo will feature the prologue and first chapter and will also include all 4 available classes and 6 character slots for players to choose from.

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Square Enix will be releasing a free demo to their upcoming third-person RPG title Outriders next week. Through this demo, that will remain available even after the launch of the official title, players will be able to get a good taste of what this new game has to offer.

A rather sizeable portion of it will be made available, with the developers pointing out that it caps off at about 24 GB on PC and 22 GB on console, although that size may be even greater after decompression.

Based on a Twitter thread on the game’s official web page, the Outriders demo, which will not be made available on Google Stadia, will also come with cross-platform playability, an option that will need to be enabled through the game’s settings.

It will contain the prologue and the opening chapter of the game, going up to the first major boss battle against Gauss. Once players overcome that challenge, more side quests will be unlocked so they will be able to continue their adventure in the world of Enoch.

The Outriders demo will also provide all 4 playable classes and 6 character slots for players to test out and find out which best suit them. They can then be better prepared once the game comes out, as levels will be capped at 7, which means characters won’t be able to gain any more experience beyond that point.

Level 7 unlocks a character’s fourth ability, which will give players some room to try and play around with their active skills. As for loot (or, as it’s known in the world of Enoch, resources), it will also be capped in the Outriders demo at Level 5, which means players will be able to acquire some rare items but no legendaries.

As the post goes on to explain, resources in the game can either be used to craft items yourself or exchanged for better gear to the game’s many armorers.

Finally, there will be no trophies/achievements in the Outriders demo, but all of the progress made by the players can be carried through to the full game when it launches.

Outriders: Become Terror Trailer [ESRB]

The Outriders demo will be available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on February 25, while a PS Plus subscription is required for Sony players. 

The full game, that was initially meant to launch in December 2020, has been delayed until April 1.

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