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Outriders’ Buggy Update Caused Some Players to Lose Hours of Progress

An update anticipated as a wanted solution to Outriders' nagging technical problems turned out having to add another issue as a broken patch, leading to missing inventory contents or loss of many hours of progress. Despite being a relative minority to the overall player count, the number of people affected are substantial. With acknowledgment of the issue, developer People Can Fly is acting accordingly to address the matter.

Outriders’ Buggy Update Caused Some Players to Lose Hours of Progress

A recent update to People Can Fly’s co-op RPG shooter Outriders is reportedly buggy, it’s causing some players to lose valuable assets acquired after countless hours of playtime.

The new looter shooter has had a rough start following its launch. Drawing mostly from technical issues, the game suffers from instability problems that are causing players erratic experiences during play. Game crashes and disconnections being commonplace issues. Worse still, and adding to the problem, are those who were not able to play the game at all. The issue was then going so far as to be aggravated following cross-play implementation between consoles and PC. Consequently, raising the chances of someone getting unceremoniously cut out of the game’s loop.

An earlier announced game update inevitably evoked hope that the game’s fundamental issue be fixed. Which had been a welcome thought to those who grew fond of the game from a fresh release. But instead of a complete solution, the patch seems to also add a major headache to it. As it appears, many players have been reporting about having their inventories wiped out, simply after getting the update.

Outriders developer People Can Fly has already sent out an apology and promised to address the issue among those affected.

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