Out of Reach – Early Access and news

It's been quite a while when we informed you about this game. But now the game is available for all of you who wish to play and support its development on Steam's Early Access.

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It seems like those of you who love Indie scene and mainly sandbox mmorpg must be be living their sweet dreams. Few weeks ago there was an announcement about Novus Inceptio and its Greenlit fast success. Then just a few days later Ark: Survival Evolved came to Steam and earned hell of a money. These achievements must be very encouraging for other developers.

And now Out of Reach is not out of reach anymore but ready to grasp and play on Steam. The game is cheaper than Ark and without dinosaurs. So it could be a better choice for those of you who are not full of hype from the new movie and all the fuzz around.

It is also hard to say but the beginning score is very positive and at this moment there is 80% from 35 reviews. Of course Ark has many more reviews written (10.340) and got 73%.

If you want to help then try also this game. The timing was not the best one concerning the competition however the quality is already there and people enjoy playing. 

One for all from slightlymad1:

As you can see by my library I have played the majority of survival games out there & I took the dive once again however I was looking for a game to play eventhough I do a full time job & did not want to get punished for leaving my PC well this is it.

The first thing I noticed was the community , there was no KOS and most people were fairly helpful . Secondly there are no sleepers which is awesome you cant get ravaged whilst you sleep.

Thirdly they have house claim items to prevent people griefing or building you in however your house can get torched if they get to this.

Fourthly there is an RPG element to this game allowing you to level up your crafting and gathering skills which is not lost on death , again a helping hand for people that have not got alot of time.

The game looks beautiful plays fine , the instant action kill on sight crew will not like this game its a much slower pace and requires you to think or consider your actions , hunting is challenging .

There is plenty to explore like underground caves or islands that are only reachable by boat which are craftable too.

All in all this is a very fun game to play and is still playable if your a solo player with a job.

one for the mature crew

The developers communicate well with their players and try to make a good relationships with all of them. 

We would like to thank you VERY much for your support and ensure you that even when we can’t reply, every single message is read and taken into account.:) 

 Changelog 0.8.4:- Engine update to Unity 5.1 including many optimization fixes

– Fixed Controls window and Chat scroll issues.
– Invert mouse option in Controls menu.
– Underground bridge can be used again.
– Fixed stamina regeneration in specific situations.
– Much more useful pop-ups when trying to play without forwarded 9933-9937 Ports on routers.
– Fixed AI behaviour when turning deterrence mode into attack
– Amount of players and 'sort' option in the Online players list (default: F11)
– Clan master can upgrade the Builder's desk in clan's base.
– Fixed rare issues of ore spawning.
– Fixed not showing iron particles while gathering.
– Optimized regrow of forests.
– Remarkable optimization of the servers' CPU usage regarding players
– Remarkable optimization of the clients' CPU usage regarding animals
– Fixed rare animation issue causing player to swim above the ground

Below is a basic guide from Evg:

Out Of Reach 101 (Basic Guide)

and Out Of Reach Sailing & Island guide from slightlymad79:

Out Of Reach Sailing & Island guide (spoiler)