Out of Reach – about the game

Out of Reach - about the game.

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It's more than possible that you have missed this game. Or at least is unknown to you. Recently there are many sandbox like games in development by indie studios. And OoR is one of them made by Polish Space Boat Studios.

Last year in October the developers tried their luck and started a campaign on Indiegogo server. Unfortunately they were able to get only 2% of the needed funds so it was more than unsuccessful. However the game is still being developed and even now you can see progress on the official site or facebook page.

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As I said earlier there are many similar games so is there something which makes the game different? Hard to say. 

The world will be open for everyone and you will start without any skills or equipment in the harsh world. Weather, hunger, thirst, enemies, wild animals and many more things can kill you. Therefore you must build a shelter, get warm, hunt or find something to eat and start from the very beginning to become better equipped. Of course you must craft or trade the items or just steal them. Full loot pvp mechanics will be in place so beware of other players too!

According to the studio you will move through the stone age to the bronze age and finish in the medieval. Each stage will take you to the other island so the newcomers have a bigger chance to survive.

Also don't expect guns because the game focuses only on melee fights or siege weapons.

Below are some examples of gathering resources, gear crafting and base building.

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Right now the game is in its alpha-v0.5.9 stage and there is a long way ahead before closed or even open beta. Space Boat Studios develops the game on Unity engine and when the Unity 5 Pro will be available then it will be of course used too.

Honestly OoR doesn't feel like something original but if the game and its mechanics will be nicely done it can find the target group. Probably on Steam. But can it become widely spread between the players? I don't think so. But make your own opinion from other sources or watch the trailer below.

official site

indiegogo campaign

indiedb site

facebook page

Out of Reach: Official Pre-Alpha trailer

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    It reminds me of Novus Inceptio. But here more people are working on it and have more features ready. But who knows who will make it to the final 🙂


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