Oure Is Revealed And Released Today

We had a spectacular surprise early on in Paris Games Week today. Oure was both revealed and released at the same time. Many beautiful games have been announced at the spectacular gaming show this year. But Oure invokes memories of Journey and Abzu. A bold claim to make in the wake of such classic and fondly remembered games. So what’s it all about?

Oure Is Revealed And Released Today
We weren’t given all that much information on Oure. Frankly, the trailer speaks for itself. We play as a young child who can turn into a classical Japanese dragon. In this world of sky, great flying Titans roam. They’re the guardians of the world and seem to be inhibited by some nefarious problem. It’s up to us to take flight and resolve puzzles to save the titans. Simple stuff, but does it need to be anything else? Check out the trailer below to see what I mean.

Oure had not yet become available on the PlayStation Store at the time of writing. By the time you read this should be available on the PlayStation Store.

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