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Otherland – MMO based on novels by Tad Williams is out

Otherland Free-to-Play: Official Launch of the Commercial. The Open Beta phase has finished. The game is out with valuable contribution from the community.

Otherland - MMO based on novels by Tad Williams is out
Hamburg, September 9, 2016  Otherland, the Online RPG based on the famous novels by Tad Williams, is from now on available in the commercial version. During the Open Beta, the loyal community of the science fiction story supported the finalization of the long-awaited F2P MMO with several valuable contributions.

A new game entry has been added to the game as well as a redesigned class testing area, in which players can check out their favourite game character’s abilities. Fundamental performance improvements, as well as the optimization of several NPCs and quests, are rounding off the Otherland game experience. The MMO’s supply of future updates will also be coordinated in close cooperation with the community. The next major content update will contain an overworked combat system with improved enemy AI for an even more action-loaded gameplay. A larger expansion around Christmas time is scheduled with a level cap raise, new quests, and a brand-new world.

Detailed information on the bonuses of early access supporters is listed in the official forum.

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