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Orwell releasing as weekly serial, first episode is free!

Developer Osmotic Studios and indie label Surprise Attack Games today announced that their privacy-invasion thriller game, Orwell, will release as a weekly serial with five episodes, the first of which is now available as a free demo. The remaining episodes will release over the next four weeks and the full season will cost US$9.95, available from stores including Steam and the Humble Store.

Orwell releasing as weekly serial, first episode is free!
Orwell is divided into five episodes, each of which take roughly one hour to complete and encompass one day of game time. Reflecting its nature as a narrative-driven thriller, these episodes will release weekly, keeping players in suspense as they wait for the next episode to drop.

The first episode – The Clocks were Striking Thirteen – is available now as a free demo from Steam or IndieDB. In this episode, the player is recruited into the Orwell program and, following a terrorist attack, is given their first target to investigate. Cassandra Watergate is a young woman with a criminal record who was spotted by surveillance cameras at the site of the bombing. Digging into her social media, chat messages and online presence, the player starts to uncover a web of connections and a mysterious group who might be involved in the attack.

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