Original Xbox BC Announced for Xbox One

Microsoft announces Original Xbox backward compatibility for the Xbox One family. Phil Spencer assured the crowds that the original Xbox games will also look and play better on their current generation console.

Original Xbox BC Announced for Xbox One
Microsoft announces Original Xbox software backward compatibility for Xbox One at their E3 2017 press conference. The shocking announcement drew sections of the crowd attendees' wild with excitement. This means that playing games from all 3 Xbox generations on the Xbox One is no longer a dream but a soon to be reality. The feature that will enable such backward compatibility should be releasing at some point "later this year" as announced. Not much was shown though other than the original Xbox title Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, which we assume should be part of the first wave of the new backward compatible feature. Phil Spencer did announce, however, that the original Xbox titles will look better and play better on an Xbox One. I'm sure we will learn more in the months to come.

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    And Microsoft leads the way for BC. I’m so glad that chart from a couple of weeks ago wasn’t enough to deter Microsoft in pushing forward. They may just make a name for themselves as the ultimate BC device creator, playing all (or most) of the games they released in the past with current and future hardware.


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