Old School Runescape is 4 years old today!

Only on Old School Runescape would a ten year old game celebrate its Fourth birthday. Today, the revived and original vanilla MMORPG reaches its fourth active year since its revival from a server snapshot in 2013.

Old School Runescape is 4 years old today!
With hundreds of thousands of players, its own eSports competition and a team of passionate developers, Old School Runescape charges into its fourth birthday with a momentum unlike anything seen from MMORPG's in recent years.

Old School Runescape has truly hit the hearts of fans over its lifespan, and were it not for that single decision in 2007 to create a server snapshot, thousands of fans across the world would not have the game as we know it today. The future was initially unsure for OSRS, but it couldn't be more clear now that this game is a massive hit with fans that became otherwise disenfranchised with Runescape 3. The game has proven influential in the life of many players, providing entertainment and fulfilment for players, and even careers in streaming for certain lucky players, with names like A Friend and B0aty becoming synonymous with the game.

Of course, the team over at Jagex are celebrating the birthday in style. NPCs from all over Gielnor are celebrating the birthday, and players are invited to The Party Room in Falador to help Party Pete make this birthday party the best yet. For their efforts, players will be rewarded with all rewards previously given, including a Cow Outfit and a Gnome Child hat, and they will also be given a new reward in wieldable balloons and a stylish Fourth Birthday hat, for the suave celebrator out there.

Old School Runescape is also treating itself to more in-game worlds, something which has been requested many times by the community, and will undoubtedly help to distribute the massive and constantly growing player base of the insanely popular MMORPG.

Finally, the Deadman Invitational 5, the first tournament of 2017, is now open for registration. The Deadman Invitational sees 2000 players thrown into a world of danger, where death lurks just around the corner. Every man hopes for one thing: To overcome the competition and walk away as the Deadman Champion, and a $10,000 prize.

Old School Runescape no doubt has an incredibly bright future ahead of it, and we only expect to see the game grow and grow. The Jagex team have done a wonderful job on the game, and the community no doubt is celebrating that work today.

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