Old Doom Fan Forum Has Been Hacked

A long time forum site that's a hot spot for Doom fans has been compromised. If you haven't been on the forum recently, you might want to hop back on and probably do a password change or something along the lines of that. There has been no official confirmation on why the site has been attacked by the hackers.

A long time gaming forum called Doomworld has recently suffered a database leak. The site is used to gather diehard Doom fans and talk about their favorite demon slaying series.

A twitter user named ‘FalconFeedsio’ has uploaded a picture for clear evidence that a group of hackers has compromised the fan forum site. The hackers have access to 34.4k users personal information like email and IP addresses.

According to Andrew’ Linguica’ Stine, who is one of the founders of the site, has recommended users to take immediate action. Linguica asked users to change passwords if they feel threatened by the attack.

Despite what may sound like a threatening data breach, the founder believes hackers won’t be able to get access to the user’s password.

“We don’t store your password directly, but the output of a salted and hashed one-way algorithm,” Linguica said.

The founder admits this attack is solely his fault, and is looking for further investigation to increase the site’s security against these sorts of attacks.

Doomworld has been around since March 13, 1998. Outside of fan interaction, the forum is known for presenting various awards like Cacowards or Top lists of Doom wads.

This is what the forum looks like when one enters the site.

This is what the forum looks like when one enters the site.

Classic Doom has had a plethora of user-made maps made by hardcore fans throughout the years. This is what allowed Doomworld to create this sort of content to get the fans involved within the classic Doom community.

They’ve been presenting Cacowards since 2004, and is essentially a series of map or Doom wad recommendations from the community.

Wads are basically the files being used for classic Doom. It also stands for “Where’s All the Data?”

This allows the users to play custom maps made by the community. Sometimes, it can be also be a file that heavily modify the base game.

At the Video Game Awards 2016, Doomworld was mentioned as a shout out from game director Marty Stratton.

There has been no sign for a new Doom title as of yet. Earlier this year, Stratton teased fans that they are working on a new video game at Quakecon.

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