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Okami Sequel Teased by Original Developer

Did a sequel to the beloved game Okami just get announced? Well, it's a little more complicated than that, the short answer being "No". However, the director of the game, a known troll, said that it was coming back, so take it with a grain of salt.

Okami Announcement In an informal way, through a Twitter video and post, Hideki Kamiya, game director of Okami, announced that there will be a sequel of the beloved game coming. This is no way an official announcement, rather just a Twitter post. And considering the source, people might be sceptical, given how Kamiya has played pranks on fans before. 

The tweet and video were posted on Ikumi Nakamura’s Twitter account. Nakamura worked as an artist on the original Okami and also worked with Kayima again on Bayonetta. In the video, you can see Nakamura and Kamiya standing together, when Kamiya says, “Okami is going to be back” while giving a thumbs up, after which Nakamura simply asks “Really?” and walks out of frame. 

However, Nakamura has tagged the Capcom USA and Okami Twitter pages to it. But it still remains to be seen if this is another prank by Kamiya (and what a heart-breaking one it would be for Okami fans) or if it’s actually happening. 

Polygon reported that Capcom’s official stance is that there are “no announcements” which is vague enough to get some hopes up. 

In an additional response to her own tweet, Nakamura also wrote that she just wants to be able to make games that gamers want and that she doesn’t “understand budgets and politics.”

Okami was a very successful and beloved game that bedazzled fans with its unique art style and its story, which was deeply rooted in traditional Japanese folklore. A sequel would probably be well-received, seeing how the HD remakes of the original did so well.  

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