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Okami HD Announced for Nintendo Switch

Okami was originally released on the PS2 and became somewhat of a cult classic. This urged Capcom to remaster the game as Okapi HD for all other consoles last year. This summer, it paints its action gameplay and unique stylistic art direction onto the Nintendo Switch.

Okami HD Announced for Nintendo Switch
Okami HD is a remaster of the PS2 classic that released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC last year. Now, the game is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

This game is a perfect fit on the Nintendo hybrid console, enabling for touch screen and motion controlled brush strokes. Amaterasu will howl again with its highly stylised and fantastic art direction on the switch.

Combat is fast and spectacular, in the sense of a spectacle. This Capcom game will find a new canvas in the Nintendo Switch when it launches this summer. 

Okami HD for Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Direct)

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